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=Define a cell. Who discovered cell?

=Who discovered first living cell?

=How does the cell of a onion peel look like?

=Who discovered nucleus in the cell?

=Who coined the term ‘protoplasm’ for the fluid substance of the cell?

=Cell theory

=Who gave the cell theory

=unicellular organisms

=cell organelles

=What is plasma membrane?

=Define osmosis.

=What is diffusion?

=What is a hypotonic solution?

=What is a isotonic solution?

=What is a hypertonic solution?

=What is a cell wall?

=What is nucleus?

=What is cytoplasm?

=Endoplasmic Reticulum

=What is Golgi apparatus

=What are Lysosomes?

=What are mitochondria?

=What are Plastids?

=What are Vacuoles?

=labelled diagram of a animal cell

=Labelled diagram of a plant cell

What are unicellular organisms? Give some examples.

What are unicellular organisms? Give some examples.

When all the vital functions which are necessary for life are performed by a single cell then such cell is called unicellular organism. Some examples of unicellular organisms are Amoeba, Paramecium etc.

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What are unicellular organisms? Give some examples.

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