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=Substance and Type of Substances

=Mixture, Homogeneous Mixtures, Heterogeneous mixtures

=Solution, Properties of Solution

=Suspension, Properties of Suspension

=Colloid, Properties of Colloid

=Tyndall Effect

=Method of Separating the Component of Mixture

=obtain the coloured component (dye) from a ink

=Use of separating funnel




=Method of Simple Distillation

=Method of Fractional Distillation

=Obtain Different Gases from Air

=Crystallisation, Application of Crystallisation

=Physical Change

=Chemical Change

=Diagram of water purification system

=Differentiate between mixtures and compounds.

=Classification table of matter.

Explain the use of separating funnel.

Explain the use of separating funnel.
Answer: A separating funnel can be used to separate the components of the mixture of immiscible liquids. How this can be done? To understand this let us perform a following activity.
Let us try to separate kerosene oil from water using a separating funnel.
Pour the mixture of kerosene oil and water in a separating funnel.
Let it stand undisturbed for sometime so that separate layers of oil and water are formed. Open the stopcock of the separating funnel and pour out the lower layer of water carefully. Now close the stopcock of the separating funnel as the oil reaches the stop-cock.
• To separate mixture of oil and water.
• In the extraction of iron from its ore, the lighter slag is removed from the top by this method to leave the molten iron at the bottom in the furnace.

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Explain the use of separating funnel.

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