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=Substance and Type of Substances

=Mixture, Homogeneous Mixtures, Heterogeneous mixtures

=Solution, Properties of Solution

=Suspension, Properties of Suspension

=Colloid, Properties of Colloid

=Tyndall Effect

=Method of Separating the Component of Mixture

=obtain the coloured component (dye) from a ink

=Use of separating funnel




=Method of Simple Distillation

=Method of Fractional Distillation

=Obtain Different Gases from Air

=Crystallisation, Application of Crystallisation

=Physical Change

=Chemical Change

=Diagram of water purification system

=Differentiate between mixtures and compounds.

=Classification table of matter.

Explain sublimation.

Explain sublimation.
Answer: Sublimation is the property of substance in which they are converted directly from solid to gas or vice versa. Such substances are known as sublime. Some examples of solids which sublime are ammonium chloride, camphor, naphthalene and anthracene. Let us perform an activity to separate a mixture of ammonium chloride and salt.
Take a mixture of ammonium chloride and salt in a china dish cover it inverted conical transparent funnel. At the other end of the funnel put a cotton plug so that vapour could not come out. Now place china dish on a burner. As the ammonium chloride is sublime after heating it will directly converted into vapour and this vapour will again condense at the upper colder part of funnel to form solid ammonium chloride. In this way the mixture ammonium chloride and salt can be separated by the sublimation method.

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Explain sublimation.

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