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=Number System

=Rational Number

=Irrational Number

=Terminating Fractions

Terminating Fractions

Terminating fractions:-
Fractions which leaves remainder zero on division. If Prime factors of the denominator are 2 or 5 or both only. Then the number will terminating

Example  7/10 is terminating as  denominator 10 has prime factors 2 and 5 only
Example  3/25 is terminating as  denominator 25 has prime factors 5 only

Recurring fractions:-
Fractions which never leave a remainder 0 on division. If Prime factors of the denominator are not 2, 5 or both only. Then the number will repeating or recurring.
Examples :-
1/15  it will recurring fraction because prime factors of denominator has 3 also other than 2 and 5

There are infinitely many rational numbers between any two rational numbers. We can calculate the rational number between two rational number x and y by (x+y)/2

Properties of rationalization

Properties to solve exponential values

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Terminating Fractions

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